Call me a fan. A big fan. I simply love hüttenkäse. Hüttenkäse or cottage cheese is a fresh quark-based crumbly cheese. It might sound a little bit boring, but the creamy cheese has been making my life better for quite a while now!

Why is it so healthy?
Let’s zoom in on the nutritional value. Hüttenkäse contains a lot of protein and almost no fat. Also almost no sugar. That’s almost unique for a tasty cheese. For the foodies: the nutritional value per 100 grams:

Energy: 388 kJ (91 cal)
Fat: 3,9 grams (2,6 grams saturated)
Carbs: 1,6 grams (1,6 grams is sugar)
Protein: 12,3 grams
Salt: 0,73 grams

How should you eat it?

#1: On a cracker with chicken, avocado and a little bit pepper and salt, mmm!

#2: In your salad as a creamy dressing

#3: Make your pesto a little bit healthier by mixing it with hüttenkäse

#4: As a pasta sauce for your penne with broccoli, mushrooms, baked salmon, parsley and a little bit of salt and pepper

#5: As a sauce on your homemade hamburger with tomato, aragula, chive and salt and pepper

#6: On your freshly made omelet with some slices of chicken, aragula, cherry tomatoes and pepper and salt

Didn’t I already tell you that healthy food can also taste really good?


Tatjana van den Broek

Tatjana van den Broek is one of the content creators of In her daily life she works as a marketeer, blogs for #GOALS and is a professional handball player at TuS Lintfort in Germany.


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