Want to lose weight but don’t you have any idea where to start? The internet is full of shakes, pills and other dietary supplements. I think you already know that that’s not the best solution! Combine healthy food and targeted exercises and you’ll definitely take steps in the right direction. But how do you know which options are the healthy ones? And how do you make decisions? I’ve got 8 tips to get you started.

1. Bye sugar!
The worst thing you can do is eating too much sugar. Candy and other treats contain a lot of sugar. But unfortunately there are is also some additional sugar in some products where you don’t expect them. As an example, chili sauce contains lots of sugar. Readymade sauces consist a lot of sugar, sometimes around the 50%!

2. Read labels
“Are you always reading those labels?”, that’s a question I often hear when I’m checking the labels before I eat something. And my answer is yes, most of the times. It just takes one minute and I know what I am eating. You should always heck the quantity of sugars and saturated fats. The higher the amount, the worse the products are for your body. The more often you look, the faster you learn.

3. Pamper yourself
Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to eat tasty things. Make sure you variate and try new things. That’s the only way to discover what you like. Pamper yourself with delicious, healthy alternatives. It will take a while before you get used to it, but you’ll be surprised how fast you can really enjoy a super healthy snack.

4. Go surfing for food blogs
You become overwhelmed with it nowadays: Blogs with healthy and delicious receipts. Having a healthy muffin for breakfast is an option! And don’t forget the healthy and delicious dinners. It’s so lovely to surf the web and sometimes just watch pictures of food. Tell me, what’s better than that?

5. Skip bread
If I have to choose between a life without bread or a life without pie, I would skip the pie! Bread is fantastic. But unfortunately it will make you fat. When you eat a lot of bread you unconsciously eat a lot of calories. A good alternative in the morning is Skyr or low-fat quark with fruit and maybe some oatmeal. In the afternoon you can replace bread for an omelet or a delicious salad. Knäckerbröd is a good snack! For example, I don’t eat bread during the week. But I pamper myself in the weekend with some delicious sandwiches. The result: you will enjoy it much more!

6. Tea time!
Make sure that you stay off soda, that’s a real sugar bomb. Drink water and if you want to have a flavor in your drinks, drink tea. But what if you are a real coffee freak? No problem! That’s also okay. But don’t drink too much of it, use low-fat milk and don’t add any sugar.

7. Hit the gym
The perfect combination to lose weight is good food and a good sport schedule. There are a lot of people who just go for a run and think they’ll lose weight. Of course you’ll burn calories during a running session, but most of the times those calories will come back easily. You’ll feed your muscles when you do weight training. After your training you’ll use more energy, that’s why you will burn more calories. The more muscles you get, the more calories you burn.

8. Hang a nude in the fridge
The end!

Tatjana van den Broek

Tatjana van den Broek is one of the content creators of In her daily life she works as a marketeer, blogs for #GOALS and is a professional handball player at TuS Lintfort in Germany.


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