The month december is up and running. With this kind of weather the flu is just waiting to attack. Not nice when you’re in a good flow with your workouts. Aspecially when you sport in a team, you don’t want to sit at home for too long when you’re sick. But when is it safe to excercise again? I will explain it to you in this blog!

The flu or just a cold?
Before you even think about excercising it is important to know if you’re having the flu or just a cold. How to do that? Use the neck-check. Do you only have complaints above your neck, like a stuffy nose, a headache or a sore throat? And no fever? Then you probably have a cold and it’s okay to workout. Are your complaints located below your neck? Like coughing, muscle pain and fever? Then the flu has caught you and you should stay at home. You body needs all energy to recover and if you dó excercise you will make that process slower.

What happens if you dó workout to soon after the flu?
This is not only bad for your recovery, but it is also very dangerous. The virus can move itself to your heart, which could cause a inflammation in your heartmuscle. That can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and even heart failure!

But when can you workout again?
Don’t go exercise again on the first day you feel better. Take two more days of rest. And when you start exercising again, take it easy and listen to your body. Drink lots of water and make sure that you eat healthy. Your body needs all the energy to recover.

Have fun while training!


Tatjana van den Broek

Tatjana van den Broek is one of the content creators of In her daily life she works as a marketeer, blogs for #GOALS and is a professional handball player at TuS Lintfort in Germany.


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